Friday, January 05, 2007


I think I didn’t sleep for the duration of my visit…I was almost always sleep walking! I have been to England a countless number of times…but I always seem to discover something new…especially in London. There’s always a new pub or club to go to. My family and friends were awesome at entertaining! I also found out that my scale is a LIAR!! My family confirmed that I HAVE lost weight…so I’m evicting my bleeding scale!

I especially enjoyed spending time with my brother, he has matured tremendously, but I think he’s a little too serious right now, which is both good and bad…oh crap and he reads this….but I also have to say that he keeps his dwellings very very clean…at first I thought its just coz I was visiting, but then I noticed he had like a gazillion cleaning sprays and stuff…he also cooks great food I was impressed. He’s going to make someone a lovely husband!

I finally got on the London eye…splendid view! I am not sure why I never did before…hmmm. I really love the architecture in London…though a lot of the houses have less space than in other cities.

I think I’m also in love with Leicester…I’m still trying to figure it outJ.

My aunt had New Years Eve bash and it was great to see people that I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a little embarrassing because I forgot a few people and felt bad about it, but oh well they’ll live!

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