Monday, January 15, 2007

MLK- 2007

MLK day

Well since everyone is talking about it, I might as well right? It’s MLK day again, one of those holidays respected by few…(most employer certainly don’t since I don’t get time and a half for working on this day!)
Just to go off topic for a bit…I bought a new house in a predominantly muzungu hood, and I have since received many awkward stares…I can imagine they are all planning on selling their places now since blackson just landed in their area…it was so funny. One was like “are you our new neighbor?” and I was thinking “why, yes indeedy! I’s sure your neighbor honey-child!” I’m sure they were off to call the realtor by noon!
So any way back to the real reason I was writing today, I was listening to NPR over the weekend and they had a program on about Martin Luther and how he changed peoples lives, the best story I picked was one woman who was in college around the shooting of MLK and changed her major to go in public prosecution because her dumb-ass-racist roommate said MLK deserved to be shot for thing blacks and whites could be treated the same! I wish I could be as easily inspired by things you know? I mean sometimes I get highly passionate about things, but the passion is short lived because I find other things to be passionate about, and forget the previous thing….ahhh you get what I’m saying:) but if you really want to know what I think, read last years post...

Being from Zambia and not growing up in the high tension racist era, I missed by lesson about white folk, so I still get surprised when I hear things and shocked when I watch the movies. I mean I remember how nobody really wanted to go to South Africa in the 80’s and how I still get scared when I hear the words Boer, Afrikaans…etc its like its encoded in my DNA so that even though I didn’t “live it” I still somehow experienced it.

I am sure I’m not making very much sense today, but my excuse is that I didn’t get enuff sleep. The reason is, yesterday I had to move most of my stuff from the old place to the new place and I was pooped, then today I was supposed to have cleaners at the new house and they assured me they would be coming between 7am-9am and I agreed to those absurd hours because I assumed I would be done with them by noon and ready to tackle other stuff…but oh no! at 7:30 they called me to tell me that the people that were supposed to come over had a fender-bender and wouldn’t be able to come, so they were sending another set of people…who made it to my house at 11a.m…and yes I was pissed and yes… they heard about it! 33% discount my ass! So now I am still very tired and I had to sleep on the floor coz my bed went to the new house and I stayed at the old house because—drum roll please—It has cable and internet access!!! How pathetic is that???? I guess I am now officially AmericanJ I wouldn’t have had that option in zed.
I also just realized…I have no new year’s resolution…umm kinda scaryL …. I have to go and think about that now….

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