Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have been trying to get settled down in my new place, and it has been one nightmare after another concerning my internet and all. To start with Verizon...who I was a loyal customer of for years, told me they could get me service at my new place...note that the bottom of their notice says "initial approval of service doesn't guarantee service" or something in those lines. So here I was patiently waiting even after my "service start date" had passed, I gave them time to get it together, and called in to remind them...and they pleasantly told me they had "lost my order mmmhhh....yeah. But when billing time comes they know where to find me...! Verizon are the same punks that I found out before buying my house claimed untruthfully on my credit report that I owed them money and that they had sent the collection agency after me....but my crazy ass was still loyal to them...coz thats the kinda customer I am.

So any way to cut a long story short...they finally after 3 weeks told me that they do not provide service to my new least 400 people live in my new did verizon not know for 3 weeks that they couldn't provide service here???????? are you telling me none of my buddies around here had tried to get service through verizon before????

This lead me to be mad about the fact that now I had to get comcast to come out again to my house...which means another fee...and plus comcast is more expensive than verizon....mmm I don't know about them being "5X faster" than DSL coz i really don't see the difference...but if they insist that they're faster, then oh well...!

Making me more mad is that companies do not have to have good customer service coz there just isn't enough of a monopoly in the USA. If there were enough people doing the job, you would be able to pick and choose buses, trains, broad band...etc.

Companies have penalties if you do not do things with them on time...i.e airlines wont give you your money back if you don't follow THEIR rules...but if they don't follow their rules...i.e by not leaving at the time they said they would, or not getting you to where you're going at the agreed upon time...they owe you nothing. So they can be late...but you the "customer/ client" who is paying for a service can not.

Also how is it that...I am paying Comcast, or my carpet cleaners to come over and provide a service for me, and THEY tell me they will be there between 9am and 1pm??? I am the customer, shouldn't I tell you when I'm available? shouldn't YOU work around my time since I am PAYING you, you are not providing a free service.....I don't get it!

Ok so after all that complaining I need to go and figure out how to connect my phone....


African girl, American world said...

LOL! I just knew some tumbuks would come out before the end of this rant!!! I was looking for a basop or chindele up in there :=)

I was trying to make you laugh...did it work?

Manena said...

LMAO!! I really needed this! I couldn't stop laughing!