Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dreams and such...

I am not going to say I'm psychic because I highly doubt that...but I will say sometimes I have the weiredest experiences!

I first noticed this when I was in the 9th grade and I told a fellow class mate out of no where her father would die...and he died that night! I must tell you I was really scared shitless!!!! Plus you know in Zed...kids thinking you're a witch and all...and the girl was planning to knock my teeth out and suddenly she changed her mind and thanked me for giving her the chance to say bye to her dad. I really don't know why I said that to her.

Sometimes I just get feelings or dreams, and I am never sure how to interpret them, or what to do with the information I get. Like I can feel something...you know how you know something is goiing to fall but you can't stop it??? that's how it feels at times. I feel something will happen, but I am frozen and can't do anything about it till it has passed.

I remember knowing my father would die the very day that he did. We took my aunt to be with him at the hospital and before we drove off I knew, even as we got home and the phone rang I knew. My mother called me into her room, but I already knew what she had to say. Though I knew, I still couldn't say bye to him because I was frozen as always.
When my friend was going to Iraq, I felt he would die...but I didn't know he would get his head cut off. When he spoke in a defensive manner about needing to go...my feelings just said this is it...

Not all my dreams mean something, though I really wish the good ones do. Sometimes like the other day, I dreamt my mother was having a heart attack and I was scared and called her, but It turned out she was having a really bad day, and all the people that I dreamnt were around her when she was squeezing her chest were the people involved in the story of her "having a bad day". Its really crazy, but i wish I was able to know "junk mail" from important stuff when I sleep.

In short I would be happy if I knew what to do to prevent something, or just not know it at all.

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African girl, American world said...

um ba cee...can you ask those people in your dreams to give me the winning lottery numbers? LOL

seriously...dreams freak me out so bad that I prefer not to have them.
head cut off?....Chibuta Wane.