Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crazy Love!

So we all know Love can make us do some really jacked up things right? So I have this one friend that has been in a really dead end relationship for a while now...I am talking about dating a real low-down-dirty-dawwg! He's stingy and hurtful and she has been with him for about 2 years. He's moslem which boggles my mind, because majority of the moslem guys back home are the most generous dudes I can think of! They buy or rent out a place for you, and pay most of your expenses...talk about a real "kept" woman. He doesn't buy her jackary!

So any way, I have been trying to pimp her out for a while, but she never agrees to any of my plans! I have tried to get her on Match.com eharmony.com and some other sites... I also suggested that she go for that 3(?) minute dating thing. I have no issues going with her because I would love to find out excatly what you say to a person in 3 minutes...especially since I can be madame antisocial in certain situations.

I got this line from one show that i happened to be watching the other day...though I can't remeber which "...THE BEST WAY TO GET OVER A MAN, IS TO GET UNDER ANOTHER ONE!" hillarious...but somehow true! I mean you just don't jump into another sexual relationship, but dating new people helps you forget the last "lost love"...I think:)

It's really tough when someone you know is dating doomass-numero-uno, and its not like I haven't had a doomass or 2 of my own...but, I've also had the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow even though I'm too stupid to take the gold:) (another story...when you're older!), I think everyone should look forward to the pot of gold, no matter how elusive it is to get. If you're lucky, you'll find several.

Any way, dating is pretty touch in this city for a certain age group..example... last friday, me, Mr Doomass's girl friend and several other friends..married and single went out to www.vinbaltimore.com which is a pretty classy place, and one where you can rest assured that you wont get hit on by juniour...unless he's stolen daddy's credit card. The food is great and i would personally recommend the calamari and the vin classic. We also discovered one really good bottle of Italian Pinot Noir...excellent... its number 036 on their wine list, but I digress.... so lets get back to the story at hand! There were no prospective single men!!! So them lady P wanted us to go to The still...or Michaels can't remember where...but i think it was michaels, but we found that they had a 60's night theme...and the patrons were between my dad and my grand-pa's age! I mean it was great that they were all having a good time, I haven't seen people have that much fun in a while! My question remained: WHERE DO THE PEOPLE 30 AND UNDER 45 HANG OUT? So yet again miss doomass's girlfriend went home with no new prospects...but I think she's really not putting in the effort..coz she loves her man.

Well let me go and put some tuna in the grill for my lunch..all that food talk made me hungry!

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African girl, American world said...

gurk we've all been a fool for love. Hope she wakes up and smells the coffee soon.