Monday, February 05, 2007

President 2008

Can I just say that the race for presidency is getting ridiculous!!! Its like this is the time for all to be presidents! Its insane! Heck I could stand for president and win just because there's confusion and people can't focus...

To Obama I say: This country will have a white female president first before it ever has a Knee-grow president. Fact. Please donate your campaign money to me as it will serve a better purpose. My happiness:)

To Hillary: You have had enuff time in the lime light lady let someone else get some sparkles! I doubt highly that you'll be the first female president. If you let me have your campaign money, I can buy myself a 50-something inch plasma TV and forever be indebted to you, and i'll put a picture of you on my wall.

To Giuliani: Dude...2 words... "early" - "retirement" let your legacy end at 9-11

Edwards: I thought you done learnt the last time that the peeps don't want u dawgg!

Biden, Richardson, Romney, Mccain, Huckabee: Who????? keep talking, its nothing against you, I just don't like politicians!

Gingrich: Now this dude really....I mean reeeeaaalllyyyy scares the hell out of me! Something about his belief systems just don't settle well in my tummy! I heard him speak once...and honestly...I was petrified...his views on immigration are just...woah!

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