Sunday, September 02, 2007


Oh Hillary is on c-span talking in New Hampshire...politicians are amazing. When politicians speak it feels like a good story book:-) I am from a country where those that are honest with themselves know that Zambia pretty much runs itself regardless of who is president. So it's amusing to hear Sen. Hil Clinton speak making all those promises which probably wont get delivered because I don't see how she'll achieve half the things she's promising in 5 years as president. Well I guess as the Tumbuka say, "a journey begins with one step". She sure makes some great promises though. Cheap colleges, more jobs, green environmental policies, a better 'no child left behind' policy, better care for veterans...blah blah blah...
Any who, the weekend is going super... I am still thinking whether to go to DC today, I haven't decided. I initially wasn't going to, but the boredom and i guess the guilt has set it (i promised to go).
I got this really funny video from someone yesterday... i suspect it was from zurii, but i'm not sure:-) watch it carefully. It's from an Australian T.V show about how dumb people are sometimes. The interviewer goes round asking Americans questions about the world such as what country begins with 'U' and they have no clue and yet they live in the United States of America!!! then they have a questions 'what religion are buddhist monks' and they all look blank! Or my favorite 'what is kofi Annan?' and the response is....drumroll please...."a drink!" lololol

OMG...Tina Turner is on telly... I need to go now... taa:-)


Zurii said...

A big LOL at the jogger not sure if the Israelis or Palestinians are throwing rocks.

Lets not forget the Texans....Dubya's from Texas he's got to be right;)

sangwani said...

lol it was me who sent it.

kokakolafanta said...

ahhhh...NOOOO! they can't be serious! okay, i was confued on one of the answers, but i got it:)