Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Joys of understanding

I am so happy today because I finally ujnderstand something that I was having trouble grasping...and it hit me like a ton of bricks, but I feel so much better with the new knowledge. I infact feel like a new woman!

Any who... I was reading 'saving fish from drowning' by Amy Tan (let me just say, i am a big Amy Tan fan- that's pretty much where I get my information on Chinese culture...pathetic really, but I can't afford to go to China although if I did, I have several friends I can stay with for free), The book is about Burma/ Myanmar and the monks...etc, but what was eerie was that I was watching the news this week, and I saw the conflict in Myanmar on telly, and i was like OMG!!! I'm I reading the book or is this real life? it was rather strange... but you know certain conflicts never end!

In more 'blow my own horn' news- this week I witnessed clients fighting to get me... that was like a WOW moment! I mean I know I'm good at my job and shmoozing people, but that was an eye opener! I was soooo tired but they insisted they had to 'get' me and my head was so big by that point I was forcing myself to work over my limit! So ofcourse I tried my luck and asked for a raise and they shot that request down quickly because "you are already costing us too much money because you're not staff". So there goes that dream:-) I also went to negotiate a contract this week, and we did get it, but the money was bull crap! So I turned that offer down.

Lets see... what else did I have to say today... Oh that's right! I'm I the only one that feels the southern African region hasn't given Zambia the proper recognition for all it did during the "struggle" for independence? It hurts me when i read certain historic texts and there is no mention of Zambia ever having assisted most of these countries. My big disappointment is Nelson Mandela (i think he's overrated if you ask me! ddid I ssstutter?) He hardly mentions zed's help except to say he was unhappy that Kaunda believed the other party...i mean c'mmon! talk about petty! Debate me if you like, but i aint altering my decision!

So the PGA tour is in my little neighborhood! Fancy that? I might get to see Tiger Woods who knows! but ofcourse I was the last to know. My friend called to ask if I am going to the golf club down the road...dumb question really coz i don't play golf... so he quickly explains to me that that the tour is in town...and when i was driving home I finally saw what all the new signs read! 'welcome pga tour'... i was like I'll be damned! the bugger was right! I argued with him by the way because I figured the socialites would have informed me if we're to have hunky chunky golfers in Nenaland!

Oh and talk about a sheer waste of time! I was giving my friend a lecture for about 30 minutes before we figured out I was mistaken about the content of the stuff she told me in confidence! that was sooooo funny! I was ranting and raving about how she'll regret her decision and giving examples of stuff I had done...and oh boy! I was sooo far off the mark it was hillarious! She ostensibly got the gist of my explosion... as it applied to the real situation. Gosh I'm such a drama queen!

Why are there a hundred channels of nothing on cable? oH great a law and order marathon tonight and tomorrow! awesome!!! I don't even know why I watch it coz it sometimes frightens me!

Oh and this romance-in-a-book thing is really working out for me! I have a supplier now so i have 6 new romance novels to indulge in:-)

I am starved...and my wine is chilling in the taataa! Don't forget you have 4 days to my birthday...woohooo!

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