Wednesday, September 05, 2007


...all my troubles seemed so far
No really, yesterday we had a celebrity politician at work and he really thinks Hillary's going to win. Oh and he liked my hair... he thought it took me hours to do and i really didn't want to break his heart with the i just agreed with him:-)

What is it with people leaving millions for their dogs! that Helmsley lady that just died left quite a bit of money for her little dog...and here I am only needing a fraction of that to pay off my house...hmm...hmmm...hmmm! On a more hurtful note, she left 2 of her grand kids out of the drama!

Talking about other drama... this is important information for ladies. If you're planning on having a child but aren't married, pick a lousy dude with 4 other girlfriends or something. I am serious! Bare with me for a lil' bit as I explain my reasoning. Useless men are quite useful. They don't bother you when you have to make plans for your kids because they don't care (men with commitment issues tend to have issues bonding with their kids). Men who care want to fight with you about what time the kid eats, sleeps, takes a poop, who you can and can not have over for around their kid...that's too much drama! I saw something today which leads me to believe that I would rather have a dead beat baby daddy fo sho'! Just send me the baby-daddy cheque or whatever it's called and we'll call not call us...:-)

In more news of things that could kill us, we're not allowed to smell microwave popcorn (the butter kind), and the dar gon muslims almost blew up Germany and made in a fashion no no!

On a funny note... my cousin who is a high school drop out and pretty much a dead beat dad once told me many years ago that "to men, all women are beautiful in the dark" how about University researchers just figured it out that men are not very selective about who they take to bed???

OOOH and guess who's birthday is coming up??? now I'm not one to push for pressy's, but in case you were wondering, I changed my mind and I don't want the iPhone any more, I want the ipod touch... and also I want the new mercedes benz that parks itself... You all have enough time to save up for that big *tears* make me proud!!!

i have been watching FOX news for an hour now and O'reilly is on telly... he's kinda crazy... he seems to think America will be safer once all foreigners... excuse me "aliens (legal or illegal)" are chucked out! Pardon my french, but dude's an ass hole... he's been cutting off all his guests when they why have them over if you're the only one talking???!!!

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kokakolafanta said...

nichachendi, bakazi sibaipa usiku! You're right about useless men! My hubby always wants to tell me what to do with my daughter, who I carried for 9 months, like he was in labor! but hey, a 2 income family is better than one- lol