Friday, September 21, 2007

Shame on me!

Okay... so I know I vowed like a million times I wasn't getting my hair braided ever again after the trouble i had taking the braids out last time... but here I am with my tail between my legs off to Adele to do my hair! I can already feel myself pissed off tonight coz adele takes a loooooonnng time to braid sometimes, but i like her coz she does an awesome job and entertains me in the mean time with movies and her Francophone-English!
I am proud of myself though because I haven't done single braids in over a that's a real achievement. I do cornrows, but never braids, so today I think I can handle it:-) besides, there are few things that I have no self control over. This is one of them...and the others: i'll tell you when you're older!

My mummy makes me feel soooo special sometimes and then she messes up in the same sentence! So she tells me she's just sent me my birthday present (yes!!! my first pressy of the year!!! and it's money!!!! (tears!, cartwheels!, fireworks!!! Oscar award performance!) So then she goes "buy yourself something special" (now any one who knows my mum knows that she's had a bit of finacial stress the last few months like most Zambians, but she's the kind who- if she has the money, she shares it with us, and when she doesn't we're out of I am very humbled and grateful that she's done that) So just for good measure... I asked her when my birthday is- because I know she always messes up! and she calmly responds "October 4th".... see this is why I am convinced I am adopted. Moments like this (sniff, sob..) Well, I guess she's getting closer now because 10 years ago she claimed I was born on the 5th, so i suppose it's fair to say in another ten years she'll finally get it right!

So incase you were having trouble following me... you have exactly 12 days to that glorious universal holiday...aka my BIRTHDAY!!! OCTOBER 3rd 19...yeah right! like a lady ever discloses that kind of info!!! You all conveniently ignored me when i made a list of gifts that i want...but (deep breath)... I forgive you, for you knew not what you were doing.

Oh and I have several stories for you, but if I don't quit typing now, i'll be late for my hair appointment and that will be a great tragedy because I don't look so Nenalicious at the moment. I was just trying to make sure no one emails me a stincker about updating my blog:-)

Oh and sister has left for Zambia you didn't know i had a sister did you? I bet she's adopted!!! but you know what... i just realized my mummy probably forgets about my birthday and remembers the other two coz my head is smaller than my sibliings... so i wasn't as traumatic...and that's why she forgets! (that actually makes me feel sooooooo much better!) It takes so little to make me happy!

My mum wont admit I'm her favorite, but I'm sure sending her a few brochures from nursing homes can fix that little error:-) aahhhh... the duties of a good daughter never end:-)


sangwani said...

We have big heads because we are smarter.

African girl, American world said...

like I tell my kids everyday..
To which they reply
You had me thinking your birthday was in about a month long celebration :)