Sunday, May 04, 2008


So I finally went to the film festival and saw I.O.U.S.A.... all I can say is, we probably need to start stocking up on canned and dry food:-) The economic situation in the USA is in the crappers!

It was quite frightening to watch. It's like we were seeing a train about to crash and not knowing how we were going to stop it....

Say what you will about Ron Paul being psycho and all... but the dude really has some great ideas and I really wish he had made it further than he did. He is in the film asking Greenspan some really heavy questions which the dude has no answers to. This is like in 2000... so it's not even like he's campaigning. I think he genuinely cares about the country. I like the big sign on Ron Paul's desk in the film which reads something like 'don't steal-- the government hates competition'...I laughed so hard when I saw that! Greenspan is a mess though... I said he was... and this just confirmed it!

Also... with a debt that high... shouldn't we start recovering money somewhere...i.e get out of Iraq a.s.a.p? Let them do the cleaning themselves... we need the money here and now. It sucks that just about everything is out sourced because it's cheaper that way. Some factory workers in China make $10 a day.... which American would accept that? Where would they live even if they wanted the $10 a day?

Cost of living is ridiculous here because people think they can afford more than they can since they live off credit!...The country and the people are living off dangerous is that? ask the IMF and it's SAP's!

Oh and baby daddy numero uno-- Warren Buffet was in the film too and he gives some very good information on the economy too:-) I guess that means he wont be buying me that metallic gray Mercedes with pimped out tires I asked for!

Any way...I am doing several things at once and can not i fear I may not sound too eloquent tonight:-) So I wish to recommend the film to anyone that has interest in the economic structure of the U.S and the world... it has an interesting piece on economic war fare...

Will try to talk more about the film at a later stage ... if I remember:-)


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mune...go and get your cousins!

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Ah AGAW...the smaller one sort of looks like you! Shall I call the shushushu? LMAO!
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