Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random ramblingz

OMG!!!! I have had a whirl wind week...and I still need to catch my breath! WOW. Okay, so I would be lying if I tried to remember everything that happened. Some things of note

  1. C$ arrived. We have had a BLAST since then. Tuesday will remained classified--it involves 2 liters of tequila and the two of us...we have to destroy my computer and camera chip when I run for president because the pictures are WAY out of this world!

  2. Wednesday we met up with the gang in Silver Spring. Did some more drinks-- because obviously we didn't learn our lesson the previous night! Then we went to the macaroni grill for dinner. Very nice evening. If only we were a 100% awake!

  3. Thursday is reserved for Chris the P.A--like WOAH mama!!! I think it took God a year to create that guy...hotness at it's best man!

  4. Friday...yeah...okay. So we walk into pizzeria Uno at Union station and the guys at the bar start applauding! That was too cool! I love when I get dressed up and people actually appreciate the fact that I took time to get dressed and didn't just get out of bed and not bother about my appearance that day. This is what I miss about predominantly black areas. The men are not afraid to wolf whistle...and women need that once in a while to let us know we still have the hotness factor!

After a beer break, we missed two trains to Germantown, finally we got that and had a blast in the area. I also got to finally meet my neighbor from Zambia! Imagine that???? The guy had lived next door to me for many years and was something of a legend...then finally out of no where, he and I met in the USA!!! There is a Bemba saying "ifichikumana fiwa" and I just love how true that is--translation 'Only ghosts never meet'-- meaning- while we're alive there is a chance we will meet. Or something of that nature.

Post Germantown, we went to Adams Morgan: my fav spot in this region. This time though, I did not go to Bukom or Madams Organ as I usually do, I went to a new (to me) place-- Grand Central. I danced ALL night! I refused to drink anything related to tequila and stuck to Guinness. I was not repeating Tuesday by any chance! C$ on the other hand doesn't learn anything. She was sorry on Saturday. Trust me! I also ate the huge pizza's they serve in Adams Morgan. Gosh! I had the munchies...and it was 3 am...and I was starving. Then two people who's names will remain withheld went to pee pee behing a gas station because the duffus on duty refused to render them keys! Master Changz let us rest easy at his house for the night.

5. Saturday is still kinda blurred.

6. Sunday we did a D.C tour in the rain because little Nkechi insisted on seeing 'cory's house' (the white house), so we traipsed in the rain for a bit, then the sun came out to play, then we did a little more sight seeing...and saw the embassy of Zambia--bow down! Took pictures of the mayflower were Spitzer spent his dollar. What I like about the district of Columbia is that there is always something new to learn.

We finished off the day with a nice dinner at Fogo de Chao...I couldn't breathe after dinner. They overwhelm you with the various meats if you forget to turn your dial from green to red!

My broke ass will return to work on Tuesday. Tomorrow, I plan on being lazy and trying to chill out. I hope I can make it! Next weekend is Memorial day I gather, I wont be getting much rest at all!


African girl, American world said...

that Cory has done it! my boys asked me today when we're going to tour the white house. LOL

sangwani said...

Uko Ba Nkechi!

kokakolafanta said...

guys muna samwa! I wish I was there!