Monday, May 12, 2008

LLM Class of 2008!

It's been quite a week!
I have but one regret. I had the opportunity to help someone before things went astray and I didn't for several reasons. I know I made the right choice to wait--but I am still not happy that things went this way. At the same time, I probably wouldn't do it differently next time. I don't know...ethical choices always leave me confused.

Last week all I did was eat! There was plenty of free food at work, but my worst day was Friday. I went out for breakfast with a friend--then out for lunch with other friends---then out for dinner (Hibachi grill) with an entirely different group!!! The scientists are right when they say friends can make you fat!!! The Chinese dude at the Hibachi grill was hilarious! He turns to one of the guys in our groups who was there with his girlfriend and says--"hey I know you! You were here last Friday with a cute blond girl...but the one you have tonight is cuter...can I have her number?" we were all rolling on the ground at that!
Oh and my cholesterol is high....not very...but the good news is both my HDL and LDL are high, so things balance out. I aint cutting out the bacon yet:-) I told my doctor I would be making false promises if i said I would...she said I am very honest, and we moved on. One person you should never lie to is your doctor. Trust me on that one.

So my baby brother graduated yesterday from his master of laws program...and i had the pleasure to let the person sitting behind me know that he just turned 22 a little over a month ago! I am soooo proudy-woudy:-)
I opted to drive there...yeah...and yes I did speed I confess. I wont say how long it took me to get there...but all I can say is--I AM THE WOMAN BABY!!! I just totally ROCK!!! lol.

I think I really like Ithaca. It may be because it's in the bushes deep deyole...but it's certainly a quaint little town. My brother lives down town right around a lot of prime eating places...and I ate a LARGE was off the hook!

During the celebration I cried twice I think....I'm probably hormonal...but too many things factored in and I couldn't help it:-) for one BABY brother who's poopie nappies I changed was graduating. Then for another--the faculty member that gave the speech almost broke down several times when he spoke of the harsh times of being a lawyer. He was right in stating that you're holding someones life in your hands...and you have to make your best effort at helping them. Then finally one of the girls graduating was black and blind...she used her guide dog to help her walk across the stage and everyone gave her standing ovation. It still brings me tears to write that. That is what you call determination in the face of tribulation!

I also met Cornell's favorite Zambian--Professor Ndulo

The organizers did a great job with the ceremony and the reception. They had tables and tables of Hors d'oeuvre, champagne over flowing, and all types of desserts. I don't have to tell you what I was drinking:-)
My brother gave me my first guitar!!! I am soooo excited...I took it on a test drive and sang a few songs...and we're really bonding. i could be the next Janis Jolin/ Tracy Chapman/ Ani Defranco or whatever.
I had a horrible drive home because it was raining heavily and dark...and just yucky!
I am preparing for the arrival of C$ and her munchkin... it will be a major blast! I am on a mini vay cay from work and loving it!
Also if my sister hurries up and has a baby, I may go to London soon! wait let me call and find out of the baby is here because we are TIRED of waiting!...ummm baby yet!

Any next post will be about Burma.


African girl, American world said...

icha manooo chi Sangwani! Congrats to him. Love the guitar oic,,so India Arie. Girl go on and get your myspace page up and upload!

kokakolafanta said...

Congrats Sangwani! the pictures look fabulous:-)