Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Johannesburg a.k.a jo'burg, jozee, j town...etc has been in the news in a negative light this week with regards to their treatment of foreign nationals. Thousands of people squatting in townships have been beaten and robbed--some killed by local south Africans under the impression that the foreigners are stealing their jobs and money.

I am very disappointed at the response that was given by prominent leaders (Mandela...et al) of SA. Not one of them has mentioned (in the media) that the main reason they should be hospitable to these foreigners is that at one point in their history--the south Africans were refugees in other countries when they had major issues in their own country!

In fact, if South Africa is not careful...it will one day be like Zimbabwe.

Xenophobia exists in many countries but people need to understand that no one wants to be a refugee. No one is happy to be on someone else's land, living off bread crumbs. Yes immigrants are more likely to accept less money, but that is because of all the responsibilities they have, and the knowledge that less money in a higher ranking foreign countries equals more money in their homeland. Simple economics!

I can not imagine that there exists a person that can leave all they have ever known to suffer-- or live poorly in another country.

This is why education is important. It would prevent a lot of unintelligent views from circulating.

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kokakolafanta said...

iwe did you get that forward with the pictures of attacks in SA? it was very disturbing.