Monday, May 26, 2008

Africa freedom day/ Memorial day

Can I say Happy Africa Freedom day or Memorial day? Is that like a sane thing to do, or do we just kinda nod at each other on these days? What's the proper etiquette I wonder? Okay so AFD was technically yesterday... but I was too busy (read: lazy) to write anything.
To commemorate AFD I re-watched Lumumba and The motor cycle diaries. You may wonder how the two are connected because few people know that Che Guevara was in Congo for a bit circa the Lumumba uprising if you will, and I just love watching revolutionary movies!
I get nostalgic when I hear names of leaders some long gone like Ben Bella, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, Joachim Chisano, Margaret Thatcher, Boris yeltzing, Sam Nujoma...etc. I am not saying these are my hero's or that they were necessarily good people but it just brings back memories of the 1900hrs news in Zambia, and how we had no choice but to learn what Frelimo or Swapo were doing, or what "mischief" the ANC had gotten themselves into.

I am also glad now, when I remember former class mates who were children of exiles from Mozambique, Angola, South Africa, Namibia..etc It was a great experience to know these kids even though at the time I neither understood-- nor cared to understand what it meant to be in 'exile'. I am fortunate for the lessons I inadvertently learnt from them even though I can not remember half their names!

Wait--while we are being nostalgic...can someone clear this myth. Was Mike Tabu really part of the black panther movement and exiled to Zambia...or is that just a tale he/ someone told to make him appear important????

Oh in sad brother abandoned me and left for Zed last night. Little Jay bird and I were at the airport to see him off. When the misery was about to set in this morning, I woke up and decided to watch pride and prejudice new version, and guess what????? YOU GUESSED IT!!!! I found My missing pride and prejudice part 2 (old version) in the cover of the new version that I hate!!!! So I am SOOOOOOOOO happpyyyy!!!

I almost cancelled a date so I could stay home and watch P&P all day! So yeah, I had a date this afternoon with an interesting fella. I have become sort of a dating charity case and everyone just throws men at me-- it doesn't matter whether the guy and I don't click, people just feel the need to save me from the sorrows of my single life. But guess what? I aint complaining. I eat all the free food I get, and I have fun in the process meeting new people, learning new things, and doing things I didn't think I would do. (not like that sicko! get your mind out of the gutter!).

It's not like I enjoy just 'dating'...okay rephrase that. While I enjoy going on these dates, I do often worry because, I hardly feel an attachment to anyone. Or sometimes, I feel a temporal attachment, then it's gone. I don't know, I guess I'm just getting cynical in my old age. I mean I think I am getting spoilt and used to my marriage to the walls of my house...then other days I jesswanna sing ...'lonely....i am so lonely...i need call my own...dooo dooo doo doo...woo woo woo woo'. Then other days I think, well...if I was going to be a mother/ wife by now, it would have happened. I have had the opportunity, and the whole 'purpose by design' thing would have kicked in. I figure, if i rush things, or settle... I may be the worlds worst wife or mother. Okay...correction. The worst mother kills her child and I never scrap that. I might get third place or something :-) how does that sound? Junior could be getting wine for breakfast, lunch and! Just kidding...dont call social services for my un-procreated child:-)...coz some of y'all are crazy enough to do that! Especially you Kokakolafanta!

I am three glasses into my wine bottle right now, so i suppose i should stop writing, before i end up telling you what color my poop is or something in that nature:-) I will try to write again on the morrow. Work is kinda going slow at the moment, so i will have a LOT of free time maybe... so you will probably get tired of all my 'new' posts.

I am off to practice my guitar skills with my new franglish song 'Manena is tres belle' my poor neighbors must be delighted...noooottt! (say it like borat!)

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kokakolafanta said...

Guy, okay so why are you picking on me? Infact, you need to call and tell me how that date went.
I didn't hear about Mike tabu, so ningaku name. LOL Frelimo! I haven't heard that in years.