Monday, June 09, 2008

Comme ci, comme ça

The weekend was comme ci, comme ça... Friday, the date called and since I was not doing anything worthwhile... I accepted his invitation to hang out. Okay, let me make this clear-- I shalln't be going on any more dates for a while, and will not be seeing him either. The trauma! I can not go into details right now... but if you follow the script, you will pick up the reason somewhere:-)

My baby brother has settled in nicely in Zed and I am jealous that he's home and I am here:-(, well my mum is on a major campaign for me to meet her in London in August. I haven't really looked at ticket prices so I can not agree yet, and I also i'm not sure how recession friendly this trip might be. As for my homeland? not sure if I will go this year...maybe Warren Buffet will call before then and marry me so we can live in happiness traveling the world.

I went to Bethesda Saturday and stayed till today. It was soooo much fun!!! Saturday, we hang out down town, I got to eat sushi at a place I haven't eaten at in 6 years or so. The food was so so... nothing to write home about. I should stick to places I know really!

Oh and the highlight of my weekend? Guess what I bought???????? You will never believe it! He-man and She-ra on DVD!!!! Yes! The first 5 She-ra episodes when the sorceress tells her that she was kidnapped by the horde and that He-man is actually her twin brother! Then she meets her parents for the first time...and I just wept!!! Like OMG! I was soooo happy for her!

Moving along-- I also watched Glory, the story of the 54th (infantry?) of Massachusetts. If you haven't seen it and are interested in American history it would be something great to view. It's about the negro military from the north fighting the soldiers in the south...and it was so heart warming...hope i'm sounding sane!

I spent part of Sunday in Georgetown...oh what fun!

I also watched Darfur Now, a story about 6 people trying to make a difference for the darfurian people. My favourite person was the female rebel...she is sooo cool!

Okay, so Ladies: Listen to me and listen good. If a man can not kiss... and he's my age or older... Houston we have a problem!!!

Gentlemen: If you are older than 21 and do not know the ART of kissing. Please, stop reading now-- pick up a copy of karma sutra, cosmopolitan magazine, Google it or a pron video or something!!!!! It is very embarrassing for you and for the person you are kissing! It is so traumatizing.

I am off to watch 'Path to War' and will tell you all about it later today. The news is still the same today as it was


kokakolafanta said...

guy! You are crazy!!! unafuntilatu guy! She-ra???
I think I need to call you for the date saga:-)

African girl, American world said...

honey you could have taught the poor fella how to! no I'm plying, you're right on that one.
She-ra.....loved it!