Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday njikata!!!

ala mwandi! I can not explain how much I love fridays!!!

I am sooooo happy right now just thinking that tomorrow will be FRIDAYYYYY!!!

aaahhhh! I can not wait! I am working early in the morning because I aint rich enuff to quit my day job... then I have a few plans... A, B & C.

A and C are top secret operations... B?'s open for discussion! Tomorrow night, or Sunday, I may go to the Symphony Orchestra... they are playing Rachmaninoff this weekend and tickets are I might as well! I like listening to Rachmaninoff because 1) his name is funny 2) I think I can pick up the turmoil of his life in his work:-) 3) dude died 5 months after becoming an American citizen!
Saturday, for plan B- I will be out shopping (read: spending money that I don't have) with the girls at an outlet mall:-)

OMG!!! The funniest thing just happened! When C$ and I went to Adams Morgan, we were at a Bar that is usually frequented by 'public enemy #1' also known as kapoli (bush pig), and we kept thinking...OMG any minute now...he's like going to walk through that door, and it will be on and poppin! Needless to say, he didn't show... but today I was looking at another friends pictures...and there was Kapoli at the same place we were-just a different day of course...but it was hilarious!!!!
perceptions during childhood:- When I was a kid, I used to think that everyone with the last name Tembo (and others for that matter) was a gardener or servant of some kind--and was almost always poor. So one day, my daddy's little sister came home and announced she was getting married to a Mr. Tembo...and everyone was excited except me! I was dismayed that they would be letting her marry a 'Tembo', and that I was to be on the wedding line up! I was thinking to myself...OMG! Princess M in a wedding party probably in Garden or Bauleni compound??? Hell no! Over my dead body! The dust in the compound would mess up my pretty pink dress with white flowers!!! Come to find out the dude had more money than my father, mother sister brother and me combined!
That's when I learnt that names didn't necessarily define poverty! Like how dumb was I??? I don't even know how old I was at the time. I just know that I was a dancing diva and was on so many wedding line ups...even of people I didn't know, and i wasn't about to mess up my roll nuh meen?
Okay, I am going to bed now so I can wake up and it can be Friday:-)

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