Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movie weekend

First of all....forgive me father for I am may really! I went to church today, and it really sucked! The person that picked out the music did a really sucky job I think, and my mind kept wondering off...I suppose it's because I have a huge dilemma and I couldn't stay focused. Usually, when I go to church, I always get a message of some kind that I use to help justify certain thoughts and feelings...and today, God was like..."uh...sista gurl? you on yo own!"... and I was like 'seriously God?, that don't help me much!'...I am in a self inflicted funk! Then I almost had an accident (due to my lack of focus I suppose), in the process I hurt my neck...and I am miserable!

See the thing is, I want an answer to something, and I have been waiting for a looooonnnggg time for this answer, and it's being very elusive. So I came to the conclusion that I had my answer, then the devil threw in a monkey wrench...and here I am. Back to square one. Without a tee-shirt to prove I even got to another damned square!

Any way, yesterday was a lovely evening. I saw Mr date-from-the-other-night. He took me to a nice Thai restaurant down town. Then we went to see a movie, held hands, took a walk together, he opened doors...and was a gentleman all night. I will be seeing him again this week--because he asked me to. The problem is (come on! you knew that was coming!), I can tell by the way he looks at me that he thinks I'm gorgeous...but he hasn't said anything of the sort...and as you might already know, I like to be praised. It's one of my perfect imperfections:-) I don't want him to go on and on about stuff...but seriously. I took a shower, planned what I was wearing, and applied a generous amount of makeup. I know I looked good because people turned to look. But my date aint said nuttin about me lookin all phine and fab...and that's an issue with me. So next time. I am going in jeans and a t-shirt! I will not use make up, and I will think about combing my hair. Eau de parfum might be optional that day too!

Moving along...I saw this wonderful movie- The visitor. Its an independent movie about a professor who has lost his zeal for life. He heads back to an apartment he keeps in New York to find 2 people living in his house. The two are Tarek from syria and Zainab from Senegal, and they are illegal immigrants who were somehow duped into thinking they were renting the place from some dude. The professor lets them stay with him and becomes good friends with Tarek. Zainab on the other hand keeps giving him the know how our west African sisters can be! The girl is a good actress and I hope she gets good parts in other films! Tarek is rather cute too...and if he's reading--call me:-) Some drama unfolds on the set...and it's on and poppin! I don't want to give away the plot, but if you get a chance to see it...go to your nearest theater and scan it. I quite liked it myself.

Then of course because it's the 'Sex and the city' weekend... some friends and I got dolled up today and went to see it. Guess what? Landmark theaters in Baltimore allow you to take you nice little cosmopolitans into the theater:-). I was never into the whole sex and the city thing...(shh, don't tell the other's), but I thought the movie was funny...and sad. I was expecting miss Jennifer Hudson to sing at some point, and disappointed that she didn't.

OMG!!! YSL died!!!...look at me all surprised like we were friends or something!

I am going to sit quietly in my bed and await answers for my tumultuous thoughts!


African girl, American world said...

ala mune ba guy abo not even one compliment!!! He one last time to praise you for the Zambian beautifulness that you are and he better!

oohh the visitor sounds good, gotta watch it.

Manena said...

ala mwandi! He has been cut loose!
You have got to see the Visitor! especially if you like indy movies and stuff:-)