Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Mbuya used to sing the old girl guide song and quote their motto often 'Be prepared'. She would laugh often when you asked for something and remind you 'be prepared'. That motto has helped me thus far, and made me somewhat of a pack rat. I keep things I am not sure I will ever use, and I find it hard to throw things out in case I need them. I am always a resource for information when people need it. That is what I do.

I however was unprepared for THIS. I am sitting holding a cup of tea I made over an hour ago, but really couldn't drink too much of. Should I curl up in a ball and lay down on the floor? What can I say? Is there anything to say? I have DVDs and books of the subject, but nothing makes sense to me at present.
I am sorry if my response was silence. This was not in my 'life in 2011' hand-book. I did not see this coming.

Claustrophobia. It took me out of my cool house to the hot humidity outside--because there was more air there.
If only I was not too weak. I could probably scream or cry.
I will do anything for you to call me and tell me it was a joke, or that I am asleep right now. Alas! I know 'tis not so.
I could drink my wine. No. Tequila. But the circumstances will remain the same.
Why don't I have Paris Hilton's money? For at least then I would have flown us to Tahiti or something. Some paradise where everything ceases to exist.
I am glad you are still laughing. Thank you for that.
My duties as a friend are being tested as is my strength.

Where for art thou sanity?
"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For thou art with me..."
The devil is a liar! This too shall come to pass.

Faithfully yours,


Anna said...

Très interessant ton site!
Muito perspicaz e curioso!

Manena said...

obrigado! merci!