Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm still here!

hi everyone!!!! *wave*
I am sooo happy I just finnished all my course work for the last 10 weeks and I will not have too much work for a little while!
So any way-- Zambia goes to the polls today... may the best man win! I really have no loyalties, so I don't care who wins. It aint like they'll share the wealth with me any hey! I have an aunt in the race so.... I hope she wins.

I am sooo mentally tired at the moment though. Tisi and I went our Friday was unforgettable.... we had organic vodka....which I swear is the equivalent of kachasu!!! It was totally lethal. I really don't remember much of the night, but I have vowed to drink very little from now on!

Saturday, we had two parties to attend. The first was my buddy vixter's 30th birthday, which was a lot of fun. We ate some goat, greens and roti. It was really good. I also ran into a guy I haven't seen in gosh like 15 years or so. The world is small.

Later we went to get down in DC at the park at 14th for mi pana's friends birthday bash. It was awesome. We were totally tired from the night before and too scared to drink. We were at a VIP booth with drinks over flowing and all we had was orange and cranberry juice. I HATE cranberry juice!

Sunday I took Tisi to see the whitehouse and a little more of DC in the day light. Then we got home to B'more and just crashed!!!

Monday I had a job interview which lasted 3 flippin hours....and they had me sitting in the cold. I was soo sick later in the day. My whole body was tired, muscles hurt....hmmm. It was hectic. I have since felt a little on the way to recovery... but man.
So any way... now I have more time and can write alittle more often than I have been doing in the past few weeks. I have also vowed to tone down my weekend escapades. I need a rest. There are a few halloween parties for the weekend... but I see myself skipping those. I want to be really low key.
Who's excited about the elections next week ey? Any hoo, I am off to nurse myself...:-)

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