Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Only 2 days remaining!

excitemundo!!! I have 2 days to my b/day...well actually it kicked off monday, and will probably last the month:-)
Oh and if you miss the debate tomorrow... you will be very upset with yourself! hey maybe you can catch it on youtube ha! I am going to a place with a huge plasma TV and lots of alcohol... that's the best way to watch comedy i think:-) I am looking forward to great laughs and giggles! I mean... the first Palin debate? woo hoo! Okay in her favor-- expectations are low, so she can only impress and not disappoint. They say she is good at debates-- not knowledgeable, but she just tells stories that have people clinging to her every word and stuff. I am also looking forward to seeing Gwen Ifill:-)

Also based on today's breaking news I am inviting all Congolese historians to investigate the link between humans and apes in the Leopoldsville area. It's aaaalwayyyys the fault of the Africans!!!! Very soon they will be finding a way to blame Africa for global warming! Like the little braziers and koloboi lamps started it all!

in more latest news it appears Al-Qaeda is not weakening in the war on terror. Imagine that! With Afghanistan only half covered and lots of fertile countries that can grow ripe al-qaeda who would have thought the would remain strong? We should have listened to Ron Paul on this one! Protect the home ground first.

Who is looking forward to Bill Maher's movie Religulous? opens October 3rd... my So any way I will be watching it for the entertainment that is Bill Maher-- who knows I might be a heathen at the end of the movie, I haven't decided yet:-) I may either watch it now, or wait till Mr Tyrone can hook a sista up..nuh mean?

On the Zambian front-- Zambia has said it will insulate itself against the global financial crisis. NOt sure how possible this will be. Also our Esther Phiri will be fighting for a title this weekend:-) good luck to her!


thepicturemonger said...

I wish you a happy birthday my sister. I know you will enjoy every moment of it, especially with what I just read. I just want to request for one thing.
Can I come with you as you go out with that plasma TV and that ahhh, eehhh ALCOHOL?

Luse said...

Am one of those that have been reading - dare I say proudly - your blog for some time now. So it is your birthday! Know what they say when asked how old you are? "Old enough to know the right thing to do and young enough to do it again!! Have a grace-filled birthday!