Wednesday, November 19, 2008

En attendant Godot

I don't remember the particulars of waiting for Godot... but at the moment I think I am having such a situation...and it was so funny when I put two and two (of the situation) together mentally-- I got the story of Godot! I can not go into the particulars, but have you ever felt like a song was written for you... or that a movie or book is about your life??? It almost shows you how connected we are as a human race I guess.

More on TV: How about the girl that killed herself after Paula Abdul? C$ and I were having a dicussion about how people don't know the difference between TV life and real life! Ok so she said I am from Venus and not earth and that's why my views are a little out there at times... but she said that she wanted to be Aaliyah for the longest time... and I don't think I have ever wanted to be a movie star-- that's not to say I don't wonder why I wasn't born looking like beyonce/ jenn lopez/ naomi/ oluchi... but I certainly don't imagine being them in a stalker way or nothing you know?

My passport is still not back... we're getting close to December... maybe one day:-)

Hey I was thinking about Zambian words yesterday-- you know, words that were introduced to the country by traders and stuff:
Insapato (bemba)- sapato (portuguese means shoes
Ifinanazi (bemba)- Ananas (portuguese) means pineapples
umuswaki (bemba)- Meswak (common in Arab world- not sure of origin)- tooth stick/ brush:-)
Fuseki (bemba/ nyanja)- voetsek (dutch/ afrikaans)- get lost/ bugger off...

okay i'm on a phone call ... major distracted


Anonymous said...

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Manena said...

LOL.... pumpkin pie, if you're not a comedian by day or night... you are doing the world a diservice! I enjoyed that disclaimer! But wait!!! where is the good-under-$10-wine?