Sunday, November 23, 2008


For the first time in years...I took a nap in the afternoon! Imagine that! I am not sure how I'll be able to sleep tonight:-) I've got work tomorrow...I know it's one of those rare mondays:-) The truth is I am only working 2 days this week, so I am not complaining about going in on a monday. Recession says I should go more often... but alas!

Went to see the new Bond movie...quite nice actually. Well it's pretty fast you feel like you have ADHD or something! I don't want to ruin it for those that haven't seen it yet, but then again if you haven't seen it, then you're probably not a true fan and I can tell you about it innit? bwah haha!

I am very fond of Jazz, and used to go to Twins Jazz and still thinkk it's the best Jazz place I know. They have open mic jazz night which is just fantastic! You get to hear unknown and up and coming artists just doing their thang and it's awesome!

Any way in my denial of most things D.C... I went to try and find a jazz place closer to me and ended up at Coco's butter which is a jazz, wine and Chocolate cafe. All my favorite things! How delightful! It's located in Columbia and sort of looks shady from the outside because it's near a warehouse and one would tend to think you're lost as you approach the place for the first time. As you walk in you're greeted by pictures of jazz stars and instruments on the wall. Sweets displayed in the glass enclosures beckon endlessly for you to taste them. The room is small and inviting-- not bright. The down side is that you have to go to the bar to purchase everything. Last night they had a band called 'Nex lev'l' I thought they were great...the percussionist was totally entertaining! I didn't like the wines I had-- a South African rosé and a Pinot Grigio... The chocolates were...hhhhmmmmm. I didn't like the look of the cheesecake, so I didn't bother eating any. The hot chocolate was mediocre.

Talking about hot chocolate, winter is here and I HATE winter!!! It snowed the other day and I had to walk through the damned flurries!!! I think this is going to be a bloody long winter!

Also the recession as I figured is now affecting wine purchases. I have been to several wine stores and I can not seem to find agood bottle for less than $10 like I used to. It seems most wines under $15 are like 2007's and a lot of them are too young to be drank now any way which is screwed up!

LOL... the economist has the most ridiculous research done basically they are saying that those who wash with soap and water are morally corrupt. So I guess to maintain my moral integrity I will probably stop taking

Also, I will have not family this thanksgiving and Christmas. So If you think your life sucks... think of me and how I will be alone for Christmas...and know that someone else's life sucks worse than yours! I will be a freeloader... as usual... just haven't decided which houses will be raided. I may go to Texas again for Christmas if things play out right... though I have discovered that it's cheaper to go to Ohio... so I may visit my peeps there instead. Dunno yet. So many plans so little time:-)

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