Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Okay, my dementia kicks in once in a while and I forgot what I came here to say often:-) I guess I wanted to talk about the book I just finished reading "don't lets go to the dogs tonight". Very interesting how white and black Africans live in the same country living such parallel lives that rarely cross...and having such dissimilar experiences. Had the author not had the last 2 pages explaining stuff I would have sent her a stinker for most of what she wrote. It was an okay read especially if you want to know how muzungu's viewed independence and stuff like that.

Any way moving on.... I told my muzungu friends that as a member of the now ruling race I am in charge of all decision making. That didn't go over too well I'm afraid. They called me a nut and some other rude words I can not repeat here.... so I am planning on writing to UNCLE Obama (based on his teeth looking a lot like mine... I think we might be related!) and I will ask him to have them (especially Peggy) deported to Germany or Ireland. I am sure I can find proof that their family trees extend there:-)

On a sad note Mirriam Makeba bid as farewell this week...

Also, The weekend was fab....ate some bad sushi at one joint though... but washed it down with delicious key lime and white chocolate raspberry cheesecakes (I ate both!) from the cheesecake factory....which really has sucky food. I am sorry to say to all the die hard fans, I have eaten there 3 times now and the food always sucks. The cheesecake I can not complain about because it's awesome! But the food leaves much to be desired. I mean who messes up scrambled eggs???...okay probably my cousin who also burnt the dish cloths after boiling them for too long. That doesn't count.

I am going to go on a long rant about Gays and "civil rights" in a bit, so stay tuned.

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