Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Proposition 8

ok....so if you voted no to proposition 8.... you might wanna skip this post and read other stuff unless you really want to know what I have to say about it.

Civil Rights state that all men are equal...I don't see anything about men sleeping together in that statement...and truthfully, I don't see anything about women sleeping with men either. So I don't see how this can be used to fight for the rights of gay people.
With that said, I would like to discuss Civil rights Vs Homosexuality because I'm tired of the gay community stating that they are denied their civil rights because they can't get married!!
Civil rights to me, apply to protecting things that one can not change. I can not change my skin color(bleaching doesn't count! and anyone can see that Michael Jackson is still black!), and I can not change my sex. Gay people however, can be gay today and straight tomorrow! I have seen some people do that. It's only a sexual preference-- a life style, social statement if you will.

Asking "why doesn't the black community support us knowing full well that they were denied their civil rights too" begs the question of understanding. Does the person asking that question understand that blacks and whites were not allowed to marry because whites were "human" and blacks were "sub-human" (somewhere under dogs and horses) and so the two were not allowed to marry for that reason.

Allowing/ protecting same sex marriage because its "genetic" will also be leading to a leeway for polygamy, pedophilia and serial killers...for they too claim their condition is "genetic" and shouldn't their civil rights be protected too based on the same argument?

If a mans sexual preference is for really young girls... i'm talking 14-ish, should he be allowed to marry a 14 year old because its his "civil right"? isn't homosexuality a sexual preference? Some men have a sexual preference for more than one women at a time... should they too be allowed to marry more than one wife?

Frankly I am quite put off that with all the savvy lawyers available to fight for gay rights they couldn't come up with a better argument than the "civil rights" comparison for marriage.
So if Gay people want to get married, could they kindly find another argument? They can not compare their plight to that of slaves or dehumanized people... it just isn't right!


Anonymous said...

Having read your blog over the past year, which I must say is a B plus - your proposition 8 argument is a bit of the mark !

Manena said...

Thanks-- I am very curious to hear your side. If you are willing to share that would be great! I might learn something.

Anonymous said...

Manena - The gay issue is a NO WIN proposition to which one needs to look at from a human point of view and find some middle ground to accommodate those that are gay and those of us that are not. Given the fact that the gene argument is not yet conclusive and your choice argument is open ended - you need to tread this issue with empathy. Who makes the choice- the individual or society? Surely to function in any society one has to live with the confines and norms of the land and you have a very valid point when you ask where does the civil rights argument stop to hold water - HOWEVER, we all struggle to balance that with what works for each one of us as individuals, since we only live once and are responsible for our lives and wellbeing. Your comments on life, money, race, third world politics and US social issues seem to send the massage that you get it – life is not a black and white combat sport but a 60/60/24/7 carnival of surprises. A couple of people at work have said WOW what a well informed blogger. OK calm down - no need to rush to the Cheese Cake Factory and reward yourself with a glass of wine, you did get your knickers in a twist on this issue and the men issue sometime back – but then again you are one of us HUMAN – Arthur aka Anonymous.

Manena said...

Arthur: Will you marry me??? LOL I was already planning a cheesecake and wine night today:-)
I see what you're saying, and I certainly wasn't showing any empathy in this matter which was wrong of me. I just didn't like the civil rights comparison in the case and I sort of went off my rockers (which happens often as you're aware...lol).
Thanks again luv-- it's great to know someone actually bothers to read this!

Anonymous said...

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Manena said...

LOL!!! Thank you for making my weekend!!! I laughed sooo hard!