Monday, May 08, 2006

big love

I was watching big love which is a series on HBO about a polygamous marriage. They make it seem so easy to be married to a man with 2 other wives! I am too greedy for such an arrangement. In the episode I was watching, the man has developed a major crush on wife number one...such that he no longer needs his viagra any more.

I also watched 2 movie at the African festival at Johns Hopkins one time which showed 2 different polygamous marriages. The first one was of older couples and women got along perfectly. They loved each other and helped each other when the husband needed servicing. The second couple was younger and the first wife was not happy at all that the husband had decided on getting a second wife. The second wife was really excited to be getting married to this man with his snotty kids and snooty wife!

I really doubt I am capable of sharing a man. Infact I hardly ever like a man to discuss his past girlfriends! Talk about never having a menage-a-toi right:)???

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