Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

wow! it's incredible how many people went out to march for citizenship! I myself as usual sat on my ass all day and watched T.V. I enjoyed seeing the immigrants chant "today we march, tomorrow we vote" great confidence right there!!!

My thing is though... if they give citizenship to these 11 million, they will no longer only want to work in the fields, and cleaning the streets and houses. I am sure they have other dreams and aspirations! then you will get another 11 million illegal immigrants coming in to desire the same treatment as the last group... then the USA will be forced to buy Mexico because no one will be left in Mexico...:) Also if i was illegal, I sure as hell wouldn't alert my employer to that by going marching! though i know there is no way the government can deport all the people that went marching, so it's no big deal.

Also I think this march was a bad idea because then you get Billy-Bob (representing all dummies that believe whitey is being errased in America) going out and buying guns to kill all people that he thinks are foreign. Billy-Bob is definately offended by the large numbers he saw today and i can foresee an act of retaliation.

Also this march should be called a "hispanic-march-with-a-few-odd people" because this march mostly assists hispanics and not other people. If you think about it, not too many people from other countries can come in as easily and stay for like 10 years!

On a lighter note, Barak Obama was at the darfur rally and at the immigration march kick off... I think he's hot! smart and good-looking too...woah!

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