Friday, May 05, 2006

more thoughts...

I would like to propose that public restrooms should be separated i.e men, women, gay men with lesbians or separate...whatever is comfortable or politically correct. If women can share loo's with lesbians, why don't we just go ahead and share loo's with men!

Also, why do lesbians need need to have strap-ons? doesn't that defeat the purpose of duh...being a lesbian? and why do some gay men only define themselves as tops? doesn't that defeat the purpose of being gay too?

Ok, i'm off to make plans for cinco de mayo(another good reason to drink!)... I can't believe most of the mexican places i was planning to go to today are booked! I guess i might have to make my own burrito's...ha fat chance!

Oh and I might be thinking about becoming a stripper... i am sooo done with jobs that involve thinking! If not that, then Anna Nicole and I need to have a woman to woman, so she can tell me how she got her 90ish man to marry her and most importantly to die within the year- and leave her billions of dollars!!!!!

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