Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Men and lies!

My internet is still down, apparently when the power went off thursday, it killed my dsl modem...so waaahhh! I have to wait 3 days for a new box to be sent to my house...and Verizon just couldn't send it over night becoz they didn't have that capacity yesterday...??? whatever!

any way...why are men such terrible liars???? example is congress man jefferson... so your dumb ass gets caught by the F.B.I with evidence in your freezer (lots of money wrapped in foil and placed in the freezer...I am not sure how the FBI knew to look in his freezer...that was rather smart!) then he also had stuff on paper where he was asking people to bribe him...! dumb or dumber??? When you're a politician u have to abide by the first rule of law...do not commit anything you can't defend on paper...duh! Didn't he and the enron guys learn anything from Martha Stewart? she's a free bird now...!

Men, from time immemorial have never known how to lie... they get caught with lipstick on their shirts and some other dumb stuff...women on the other hand are too smart and sneaky for their own damned good!... I'll leave that one alone, lest I reveal some secrets of the female world...i.e my world!

But men need to know that a woman always knows what's up...we may pretend to be blind...but we are certainly not stupid...be warned!

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