Saturday, May 20, 2006


so i guess i've been quiet...welll my stupid DSL is down...not sure why. I am getting it fixed on monday... i am lonely without my internet:).

So anyway I heard an Elvis Presley song today and it made me miss the 4 developmentally disabled ladies that I used to live with every weekend during my 2nd year of College. Ofcourse for patient privacy I am not using their real names.

I had Ruth- the cerebral palsy lady...who only said "moo" and "shut up"... she was quite a trickster and made me believe she was having a seizure one day, when in reality she had never been seizure prone!

Then there was Lucy, who often had seizures, refused to leave the house and listen to the same Elvis Presley CD all day loooooong that I finally learnt the words to the songs and would sing along with her on my good days.

Mandy was just crazy as hell! She used to believe God used to tell her stuff...and due to her being Schizophrenic...she would come out screaming "God told me to take these knives!" needless to say when i worked, i hid all the knives in the house!

Sally was another character...when i first started working there, she would smear her poop all over the house to get my attention...and I would be sooo angry! Then one day when she was sicked i stayed with her and helped her a lot, that she decided she was my friend and gave up the silly poop-on-the-wall game!

I had some really fund weekends taking care of those chicks! we watched TV sang songs and ate all day, so it really wasn't a real job...but it was a job! I felt like mummy and they would ask me before doing anything at all...its a shame i quit!... hey I was offered a new job paying $200 a week to do nothing at all. I chose when to show up and what to do. Mostly i did my home work and stayed on the phone. I went once a week -if they were lucky! Gosh where did that job go?

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