Wednesday, May 10, 2006


o.k, so I would like to suggest that wine and massages be tax deductible for the working class! I am soooo serious! I get so stressed out sometimes i can feel my muscles tighten...and y'all know that's dangerous especially since a sista doesn't why do my muscles gotta be tight? massages are roughly $100 for half an hour or something like that if its professional, and i think i deserve atleast one per week!!! rest assured, as soon as my pickets are ready...i.e when i learn to draw...i am taking this to capital hill! Otherwise, my retirement plan...if i don't marry rich, will be to be the greeter at Walmart! boy how I'll love that job! do you do?...thanx for coming to walmart...have a nice day:)

Also, can the media shut up already about the daa-gon war! war as defined so graciously by encarta is :
noun (plural wars)

1. armed fighting between groups: a period of hostile relations between countries, states, or factions that leads to fighting between armed forces, especially in land, air, or sea battles

so why is it a big f@$king deal that 20 more people just died??? isn't that what happens in "hostile relations"? I am sooo tired of the reports every day. Don't get me wrong, I am not heartless and I do have a cousin in the war...wazzzuppp Bwalya! (0r whatever name he goes by these days!), but its really ridiculous that they act like those young men and women didn't realize that they were going to die/ be maimed if they went to war. Well hell...if they didn't realize that...should they really be out there "protecting" our freedom?

OMG! I had already concluded that American Idols was rigged...I mean come on! Kelly dumb-blonde leaving after fatso-Mandisa whould tell you something! Unless America has a hearing problem, i really don't think Paris should have left when she did either. Now to annoy me...rocker boy has just been sent home?...nuh baby...I don't think they are counting the votes right and just like Florida--we need a re-count. I really have no love for Catherine's voice...but she's cute...but her ass needs to go home! infact, why don't we just let deaf-and-diabetic-yamin win? afterall he does sound great...and if he won some money he could get his teeth fixed! (and i'm only saying that coz the dentist said my teeth are perfect!- colgate smile! so i can hate on his teeth)

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