Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cousin Kimmy

I was thinking this morning i have no clue how cousin Kimmy and i got detached at the hip...but i gather it was for a good reason because whenever we were together... dumb things always seemed to happen, such as:

a) When my family was moving to England...I packed cousin kimmy in a suit case hoping no one would find her till we got to England...(hey i was a tiny-tot, and had no clue how the airport worked. Now Kimmy could have died of air deprivation or starvation, or both...but some adult found her...and i don't recall getting in trouble...maybe i repressed that memory.

b) Kimmy and i were playing a game where we jumped from a drum to a chair over a burning brazier. (we had no nintendo at that time, coz if we did, we would have made one of the super mario bro's jump over something like the kids do now!) Well smart ass Kimmy fell into the fire and burnt her arm. Again, I do not recall what our punishment was, coz we seriously knew better.

c) We were playing over a flight of stairs...Kimmy as usual falls and this time breaks her arm...hmmm I repressed the punishment here too...

d) We were standing at the gate in Avondale knowing full well we were not allowed to, then we saw Kimmy's mum heading towards the house like close enuff to see us. How about dumb and dumber ran back to the house and sat on the sofa pretending to read books! well...this punishment i do remember coz that was the first and only time Kimmy's mum pinched me...and we burst out laughing when she was gone!

I really don't know who's idea all our dumb plans were...but i gather they were Kim's ideas because she a leo... and they are fearless and like to try dumb games. Well Kim and I don't jump over things now...xcept the scale:) coz we're all growd up in all the right places...hahahahahaha! besides...she now lives in corn fields...what could we possibly do wrong there??? then again its muzunguville...(I really don't mean u Mike...u know we're cool!)

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