Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This week away from my house...

ok, so as you know I am living away from my house for the next 2 weeks playing mummy to a challenging 11 year old. Well friday i picked her up from one house in rockville and took her to Virginia to a play date. How about I forgot to feed her before her play date??? oopsy! well in my defense though, she was getting there at 6pm which is in good time to eat with her little friend right?

Then i received this email today written by an irrate Zambian woman, who is mad that her cousin/friend stole her man...so in retaliation she wrote a list of all the men that the girl has slept with since she was thirteen...she's like "for those of you that chose to ignore her when she took your men... i am seeking revenge for mine...:)". It's sooo funny really, she has the girls picture there and all. The girl is really cute...but her men are kinda disgusting! why was a girl under 19 sleeping with VJ Mwaanga and his son? isn't that sick? she has Wezi Mkandawire there too, and he's the only one that makes sense enuff to be doing her!

So anyway, I had all these plans of things to do with the little girl, but she's not home...she went off to a play date... so I'm sitting here starring at the walls and using somebody else's wireless connection. Which is the same thing I do at home...but for some reason it bores me here:) strange innit??

I want to go downtown or something to keep my mind occupied...but it looks like its going to rain... so we can forget a sista getting soaked coz my chocolate skin might melt off.

Ok I'm gone for now... I'm reading -the end of poverty by jefferey sachs... interesting...after that I have illicit by moises naim... So far sachs seems to have most of "manena's theories" in his books...so i think i like him:)

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