Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Italy for the win!

ok, being that I own an Italy femaly supporter jersey... I guess I belong to the Italians! The grand-finally will be awesome! Maybe after the games are over I'll be thinking better and talking about other things that matter...i.e Gay marriage.

I think I have having some emotional problems right now... I can't really say I'm PMS'ing because it not "that time of the month" yet. The reason I think that is, I burst into happy tears when Zidane swapped sweaty shits with Figo... I was sooooo moved by that for some reason. No people I am not pregnant...but I think the contraceptive I'm on might be making me ultra sensitive (and yes I got that from a condom packet)! I cried like I personally know those about psycho!

The fireworks in my hood were very disappointing yesterday...:( Zambia does better on guy fawkes day!) (wait! why is Zambia celebrating guy fawkes day anyway?????)

I am going back to work next week I promise! I was hoping to "find myself" this week, but I forgot to look:) haha I'm soooooooo funny! I think I need to settle for some sushi and wine.
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