Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel v. Palestine

ok. so show of hands... how many of you are irritated by the constant war in Gaza city????
It seems the only way to end the war between these two countries is for Korea to drop a bomb right in the city!!! How can two "religious" groups fight for so long and try to teach peace? I'm sooo tired of people killing each other like they have nothing better to do!

Believe me, I understand where they are both coming from with the fighting...but someone has to draw the line somewhere, or be willing to let bygones be bygones or like I said, have Korea/Iran bomb their arses and end the whole mess!

My other annoyance for today is that I think nurses take too many bloody tests, I have been on 3 job interviews, and have been hired on the spot...but i had to take tests at all the locations... and its bloody annoying! I mean I know they need to be safe and all, but knowing things on paper and actually doing things are two different things. Today they gave me a test on premature babies.... I got a 100% and have never worked with premies... they were all common sense questions if you're in the health care field... but I would never be comfortable taking care of a premie!

I'm just soooo annoyed! :)

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