Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Postpartum depression/ psychosis

I am glad Mrs Yates got sent to a mental institution instead of being sent to jail for the murder of her children. Its high time people recognized postpartum depression and psychosis for what it is. If Mrs Yates had gone to prison I would have asked that her husband and health care workers who were well aware that she was suffering from these disorders should have been sent to jail too for leaving her alone with the kids. They knew she was sick...and they chose to ignore what was wrong with her. Also it was stated before that they knew she was depressed after the first child I think...and most studies of postpartum depression and psychosis show that the more children you have after that... the more depressed or psychotic you become. They said that they chose to have more children because they were catholic and couldn't use birthcontrol. More reasons why I am pro birth control right here!!!

I used to wonder at our dog fifi and other bitches...(finally got to use the word without meaning harm haha) when they would eat a puppy! that was disgusting! and then we would hear of a lone goon who was rumored to have thrown her newborn baby in a trash can, or body of water. I was very distressed and wondered how such a thing can be done... but alas...after reading a few articles I found that its actually a disorder.

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