Monday, December 04, 2006

During the silence during my silence a few things happened. I saw the movie Borat, and i can tell you its stupid...but i can also tell you that I laughed so hard at one scene, that my abs were hurting the next day! I seriously felt like i had a major abdominal work was great to realize I can exercise without really exercising...nice!!!

If you're planning on seeing the movie or have already seen it...the part that I liked was the "jewish scene"...when the Jews give them a bed for the night...! The other parts were a little penises and nude fat men fighting??...tacky!

Also I will be flying to England for christmas and new year, and would like to urge all of you planning any funny stuff like smuggling explosives on the flight to please not do that when I travel!!! I have enough bills to return to than have to pay extra for cancelled flights, extra hotel rooms...and all that please watch yourselves during the festive it for me, and you'll go to heaven...or where ever you want to go in the after life!

I know there was some news that I wanted to talk about, but can't remember for the life of me...! so i'll skip to today in the news:

Koffi Annan is in trouble with the I-raqi's for saying they were better off under Saddams rule. I am not sure why that shocks the security advisor of Iraq Mr Al-rubaie!!! ofcourse lief is better for him now, he's getting paid i'm sure more money than he made during Saddams rule! so ofcourse things are better for him now! I have heard it said by others that life was better under Saddams rule... because it was a little safer than it is right now....So I agree with Annan on this one! and think Rubaie is acting like a retard.

Also the L.A archdiocese is paying out millions of dollars for sexual abuse scandals. Money that could have been used for the poor as it was intended...I am disturbed by this...and came up with a brilliant plan...CASTRATE ALL CLERGY MEN!!!! there I said it!
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African girl, American world said...

Have a safe flight and tell all my relatives I said mulibuli :)

Are you going to that Zambian Embassy Christmas party? Do they still have that? I went back in 95?