Friday, December 15, 2006

It's over!!!

I took my final exams today and I am sooooooo happy school is finally over!! well for a while...but its over, i don't have to do any more papers and stuff...its awesome!

Yesterday I was waiting for a friend to fly in from indianna...and her flight was stuck in cleveland because there was heavy fog at BWI! quite sucky if you ask me!

Oh and I HATE the British consulate in Canada with a passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Picture this, my friend Talula(not real name) applied for a visa to go to England. She is a permanent resident in Canada, owns a home, has tenants in that house, has a good job and has great credit. How about they told her she couldn't get a visa because they had no proof that she would be able to sustain herself without asking for public assistance, and that there was no proof that she would return to Canada. Now my question is...WHAT DUMMY LEAVES ONE DEVELOPED NATION THAT THEY ARE ESTABLISHED IN TO LIVE IN ANOTHER DEVELOPED NATION UNDOCUMENTED AND MAKING LESS MONEY????????? Quite frankly it seemed more like racial profiling offense, but i'm sure my nijjah brodahs must have tried this before:) but whatever...they sure messed up my reunion! Besides, in two years she'll be a citizen and wont need a if she really wants to mess up her life and live underground in England they wont be able to stop her innit???

Also, I think my dream job has changed! I would like to be the president of you know Mr Kibaki gets paid over $20 000 per MONTH and that he just turned down a $40 000 raise? OMG!!! well I guess it's logical because he's a president... but mmmaaaannn, I want that salary!

I am going to try and get my friend from the airport today again...hopefully all goes well! Oh and I have to go to a cookie swap tomorrow... yeah, yeah... I know! WTF is a cookie swap?, those chicks I hang out with are turning me sooo white its scary! I had to let them know we have to do more "black" activities!

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African girl, American world said...

you have my dying with laughter with innit!!!!!!!!! LOL!!
honey you MUST tell these lil white friends of yours that it is NECESSARY for you to keep 'some' of your blackness.