Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nuremberg for Africa!

There has been much ado about the holocaust deniers meeting in Iran these past few weeks. As a people we are soooo stuck to history...but typically only if it concerns white or white-ish looking people.

Where is Nuremberg for Africans? exactly who is on trial for all the killings done to Africans during colonization? how many mass graves are yet to be or will never be discovered? most of those punks that lived and abused Africans are still alive and kicking. What a happy life when you're not held accountable for your crimes!

No one wants to discuss this, and nothing was resolved at the meeting in South Africa to discuss such topics. And yet, there is no doubt that colonization "happened", no one can sit around and deny that it ever happend!

The past is the past. Let bygones be bygones.... lets all move on and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. We can not change that colonization or the holocaust ever happened. Yet with all the money going into Iraq, we could have cleaned up New Orleans by now, or we could have stopped the genocide in Sudan! Places with "actual" problems and not "potential" problems!!!
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