Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Woman/ Black president

I can not believe the good old U.S of A is till having a dumb ass discussion about having a female president! I can understand the apprehension about having a black president because segregation is still fresh in their history. But to doubt a woman being able to run the country? that's just absurd!!!
How many women does it take in America to prove that they can do the job? Why do the religious stuffy-wuffy's think women don't look "presidential"? what kind of crap is that? if women were dum-di-dum-dum's, how did they manage to give birth, breast feed, clean snot off your noses and clean your doodies? OMG where's daddy? he's running for president!

Countries that have been led by women include but are not limited to: Germany, Indonesia, Chile, United Kingdom, Liberia, Phillipines, Finland, Panama, Ireland, Latvia, Sri Lanka, Burundi, China, New Zealand...and OMG! The Governor General of Canada is BLACK and FEMALE! So why is it so hard for Americans to accept that women can lead?
Margaret Thatcher was probably a man in a womans body...and up tp now, I still admire that woman!

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Stephen Bess said...

I would definitely vote for Hillary Clinton! I feel that a woman running this country would be refreshing. By the way, this is my first time here. I saw you at Mwabi's spot. Hello.