Thursday, March 15, 2007

Catholic is Catholic

I am always amazed by how the Catholic church is so standard that no matter what country you're in, or what language is pretty much know what is going on! This past weekend, I threw myself a party on friday, was highly pampered on saturday and had the pleasure of visiting St Matthews Catholic Church in Baltimore. (they unfortunately don't have a website as far as i know)

St Matthews seems to be a highly international church, and it hosted an all swahili mass on sunday afternoon equiped with an all kiswahili choir! It was really awesome, the dancing and the singing reminded me of home! The choir seems to be quite popular and has done tours in different states and has been invited to different churches also. They are called Wasafiri voices(Wasafiri means Traveller in Kiswahili) and apparently this website has a video of sunday which i have not looked at...hopefully i'm not on it looking all crazy! After mass, I was invited to dine with the Kenyan society, and trust me, I ate for all of Zambia, the food was delish! We had nyama choma, kachumbari, several rice dishes, peas and corn (irio?), stews and stews and stews...! don't forget the cake!

I also would like to mention that St Matthews has an immigration center and they provide information and services to people with immigration issues, or those needing housing, food, clothing...ect. Its its a pretty awesome church...and if i say awesome one more time i'll throw my lunch up!

One more thing...if that Sanjaya dude doesn't get off American Idols next week, I might start a petition to have him forcibly removed! he's cute and all..but I don't get who's voting for his vocal capabilities!

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African girl, American world said...

does this church also have eligible men that want to marry immigration-challenged Zambians? LOL!