Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slavery Apologies...

For each piece of good news I got yesterday...I got a small piece of bad. Typically I hate tax time...well when I first moved to this country someone showed me a doodoo way of filling out W2, and it wasn't a problem before coz i made chick feed money, but when I started making double the amount...things changed....I started owing at tax time...until this year:) Last year I decided to just zero out everything on my W2 and it worked out superb this tax season...! I got enough money back to go for my brothers graduation in England...wooopeee!

So any way, back to the main gist of todays blog....its become common place for slavery apologies. My state of Maryland yesterday announced that they have joined virginia in apologising for slavery...and England just hosted their 200 years of slavery abolishment commemorative service.

What does an apology do in this instant? does it really help healing? does it change the hearts of the closet racialists that are lurking around the corner waiting for an opportunity to ruin a certain race? does it stop this maddness from ever happening again? is it important? majority of the punks that commited these atrocities are D.E.A.D.... they are answering to the big boss upstairs. Most importantly...will I get paid for being a minority...talk to me in dollars and i'll accept the apology!

So if anyone knows why this is so highly important, please let me know what saying sorry will achieve.
Circumstances made me who I am...I wasn't born ignorant:)

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