Thursday, March 08, 2007

wrongful birth suit!

So just as I was about to start thinking I had heard it all... beastiality, fetishes...etc. This woman let me know that I aint seen nothing yet!!!
Apparently a woman in boston is suing a doctor at planned parenthood for not getting her baby out properly! So she wants him and others to pay for the 2 year olds upkeep and stuff!!! Shoot....I need to come up with something to sue someone about!
If the lady didn't want that child, she had a choice to give it up for adoption when it was born correct? why has she still kept something she soo adamantly doesn't want? and why was she having unprotected sex at that age any way? You would think at that age she knew about the birds and the bees...!
I tell you, there are just too many pointless people in this world! SHE got pregnant and now its the doctors fault that he couldn't get the child out, and SHE failed to give it up for adoption... how will the child feel when she's older and finds out that her mothere sued a doctor because she was alive? then when the child becomes a bad egg and starts acting up... she'll be the first to say she doesn't know why! this is riDIKLAS! She should have given that child up for adoption to spare her the pain of this idiocy!
If she wins this case... it will just show us how we have failed morally as a society by letting people deny their errors and blaming others!
On a lighter note...I bought some apples and noticed when I got home that the packet says "apples that taste like grapes" They are called GRAPPLES....EH???? now why would anyone BUY an Apple if what they wanted were grapes??? I am seriously baffled by life now! why can't an apple just be an APPLE???

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