Sunday, March 25, 2007

Iraqi Victory

Okay, so I'm not as smart as the powers that be, otherwise I would be president, VP, secretary of state or whatever is higher...but my question is: If initially the Iraqi war was based on the fact that the country had weapons of mass destruction, and then when it was found that t'was not so....the war became about liberating the Iraqis and freeing them from the rule of Saddam...who is now successfully dead and the world is "SAFE"....hasn't America become the victor in the war then? and if so, what's the big deal with pulling the troops out????????? "mission accomplished"

If indeed the goal was to liberate the Iraqi's from the rule of Saddam and help them taste freedom...then the war was successful as we saw in the footage of the hanging Hussein. Just how much help do the people of Iraq need? they have been freed from their president, why can't they build their country alone? why is it taking their own people so long to train as security? If the Iraqi police never learn, will America or Great Britain colonize Iraq? can they? it seems it will be simpler to just do that, and it will be easier to tap their phones and weed out terrorists...n'est pas? okay smokes coming out of my head...I over thought the issue!

In Memorium Mama Christine Kapiya....One year time zooms!

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