Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Weekend blues

I'm I the only one that feels the weekend goes by too fast? Geez! One minute it was saturday and before i knew it, it was monday! I really shouldn't complain coz I only work 3 days a week... but this is why i was born to be rich...just so I go in to work when I feel like. I swear, I must have been cleopatra in my last life!
I actually haven't a clue what I did over the weekend...I remember being on the phone a lot, and watching Pride and Prejudice...yes again...I can not get enough of colin firth in that movie...seriously! So Ofcourse you've figured out if that story were true I would be Lizzy...:)I also own the new version of the movie, but in my opinion it was a waste of $20, or whatever it cost coz i preffer the older version.

I bought this new lotion for my body, it called palmers cocoa butter: for ashy skin with alpha hydroxy... I got compliments that my skin looks good, but the problem is, it felt like my face was burning after a week of use! My skin is naturally sensitive, but this was a little extreme...so I went to read up on it, come to find the FDA would like me to report such occurances...apparently alpha hydroxy can cause blisters and burning sensations! Fancy telling me that before I invested in a large bottle of the stuff!!!

I am also embarking on a new adventure...I shall have more to tell on this matter after next week...its quite exciting...hopefully nothing will burst my bubble!
OOOh look what I found... read this if you're interested in the South African Market- http://www.economist.com/world/displaystory.cfm?story_id=8776404

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African girl, American world said...

I'm mawless that the bottle actually says ASHY on it! Damn! Is NAPPY next?