Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Universal Holiday!!!

yes indeedy it's that time of the year that we celebrate the marvelous day I was born!!! bring out the fireworks, the cavier, finest wines and champagne!!! do cartwheels and celebrate that you know me coz that's like special in itself:-)

lol! I absolutely need to get over the fact that I was born, but it's proving difficult! So far my mummy remembered my birthday-- she's such a good girl! My brother also sung me a bday ballad and I have opened the many presents that I received yesterday...(okay so i'm not patient and I opened them yesterday itself)

I feel so's like the one major day of the year that you actually matter to some people! So my actual celebrations started last month:-) but don't worry they will be over by Sunday (that's when they have a "surprise" in D.C for me) So I promise you wont here squat about my birthday after Monday:-)

Any way Sunday was nice and quiet, then monday I was sent home from work and quite bored, then my friends kidnapped me for pizza night since i wasn't working tuesday, then I went out to meet my birthday mate R for the evening, then i came home and now I'm on the computer, then i'll go to sleep again, then I'll meet Vixter for lunch and i'll come back an talk about it, then i'll go to sleep and then, i may go to work later in the day tomorrow. I was asked to come in coz i guess they'll have cake:-) I absolutely REFUSE to work on my birthday... another reason I love my job coz i can do that!

So again thank you various provices of Zambia, south africa, holland, china, Luton (i'm still waiting), Kimmy and Mike- tsk squared!!! Tisi- and C-- I still cried...sorry:) The rest of you are tardy... her royal highness is not amused!


kokakolafanta said...

oh sugar you look so beautiful!!! Happy birthday and i wish you many more years of happiness and love! love you sweetheart! I'll have a beer for you!

mal said...

happy birthday aunty nena! we love you...

African girl, American world said...

Happy Birthday Mama!!!