Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have become a night owl for some reason and was home at one last night! I am usually in bed by 9 on a good night...and i think i am fatigued:-)
Well I'm sure you've all heard about the senator Craig business by better writters than myself so i wont dwell on Tony Snow is on C-SPAN talking about the same trash...well trying not to answer questions from the press:-) he's rather cranky... I miss Ari Fleischer...
Oh wait the ADHD kicked in and i lost my train of thought... Oh that's right! On the Sen. Craig thing, why are rich people so dumb? Craig could have driven/flown to Mexico or Canada and found himself a secret "boyfriend" there right? Or even Bill Clinton...why not find a discrete girlfriend in a third world country that preferably doesn't speak english? have security fly them in every now and then and you're all set! It sure beats soliciting in a toilet, or having someone show up with your DNA on their knickers! I am by no way encouraging people to cheat on their spouces...but if i had that kind of money and was tempted to do something as dumb as that... I would be doing a whole lot of travel to south America to see my hot latino Heysus (jesus)!
And what's with gay people always trying to push their gayism on the rest of us? I try to be liberal, but seriously, you can't just go around gropping each other in the hall gives me heart burn! My bedroom and I have a las vegas policy... "what happens there, stays there" It's private and confidential. Besides I really don't know what colors straight people are supposed to wear, or what day is "straight peoples" day...when do we march???

Moving on. I bought the perfect dress for my friend Angela's wedding. It's in a week so i'll show you pics then...but I can assure you that I'll be looking gorgeous:-) I also finally purchased Carols daughter mangoe souffle...I get home and find out its only for my body and not my face!!! It's a $31.50 body creme...who the heck pays that money for a body lotion??? I paid for it so i could use it on my face... and i'll tell you another thing; I better look like a cross between will smith/ jada pickett and mary j blige because the ad's promise me something like that!!! and Okra..oops, Oprah also sings high praises of the nice smelling lotion. So it better make me look pretty! Oh and Luton don't worry aunty got you a bottle.
I was watching cspan earlier and they had a conference or whatever on 'understanding foreign culture' and they had panelists from Kenya, Brazil, Egypt and Bangladesh. They are all here on a fellowship to American news agencies i guess through an organization called and it was very interesting to hear various views regarding how the media portrays things. I liked how the Egyptian Amr Emam said something like "if Islam is the enemy, shouldn't you (Americans) learn more about Islam so you can better understand the enemy?" and the Kenyan Musumo Munene stressed that Kenyan's do not hate Americans, but we're kinda mad about America not acting appropriately after the bombing of the Embassy in Kenya.
Also on a sad note for Zambia, Chafwe Nsofwa the Soccer player died in Isreal. If you don't know of him he's the guy that scored one of the 2 COSAFA game goals. See BBC for rest of the story. Also Madilu system died last week and I should probably write more than this one line about him...but I'm a lazy cow:-) but enjoy my fav song of his... r.i.p king of rhumba!

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