Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm sor'ed

amigos! como estas?..don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? LOL

Well pardon the silence...but I have been quite busy, and it's not over yet. I will be indisposed for the next four weeks. I will be doing a lot of city to city travel as I help a local company with it's transition. LOL...someone actually thinks I know what I'm doing--that's cool! I also have a few projects to I will be spending a lot of time on the computer, I just don't think I will have enough idle time to blog...unless of course someone pisses me off and there's no one to make me feel better (lol...I wish I could tell this story! I am dying to let it out but can't).

I should really be in bed right now...but I just don't feel sleepy. Oh and Pregaz one gave birth Friday morning to little Madeline who came in at 5am and weighed 8.5 pounds! She is so adorable! I only got to see pictures because I couldn't go to the house--I still have a cold and cough thing going...SARS??? lol...just kidding (said in my Indian accent)

The news is still the same as last week eh? Olympic torch disruptions, Zimbabwe destruction, recession discussions...ect. Nothing new there.

I was hoping American airlines would have a huge chance. Any way, I am looking forward to the summer. Sexy needs to be outside doing wine tastings and other fun things that involve being outside. I am tired of the cold weather. Like totally tired.

So right now I suppose I am sor'ed (sorted--for non 'British' speakers), I hope you're all swell and peachy!



African girl, American world said...

show off! LOL look at that body! Memories of my flat stomach once upon a time *sigh*

Anonymous said...

LOL at the Sor'ed'.....And Exhale at the anonymous option....

Manena said...

AG, AW:- I'm too sexy for my self baby! It's how I roll son! (LOLOLO)
Anonymous:- awww sunshine! I Still know who you are:-)I heard your cry for the anonymous option and I responded. I am such a true friend:-)