Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Res ipsa loquitur

The thing I am fascinated about most in America is that anything is possible here! Every time I think I have seen it all...I am gently reminded that I ain't seen nothing yet!

I am amazed by the new job I had to do today....I was auditing charts for a pharmacy to ensure federal government compliance with billing(what??????????) I have no idea how this opportunity arose, but as with most things, I was soo good at it they asked me to return:-) Damn I'm good:-) lol... but it's the truth! I am just so versatile!!!!

Other than America a "man" will be giving birth. Res ipsa loquitur. As a WOMAN I am quite offended by the way. Okay lets start from the beginning. This chick decided a few years back that she wanted to be a man. So they cut off her boobs, gave her some testosterone shots and she/he (it?) got herself a penis i suppose. After that it got married and then now it's pregnant after artificial insemination. For real???

This shows flaws in the arguments rendered by supporters of transgendered people. They say people that get sex changes really want to be another sex. Like really? So how is it that if you're going to be a "man" you would then want to get pregnant? How many real men have gotten pregnant before? Take note that this is not the first transgendered "man" to get pregnant. So how can you then expect me to call you "he" after you've had a baby? Get a grip man!

I have met several people in transition (remember the guy from my class?), and it's so confusing, because you are seeing once thing, but hearing another! Besides, no amount of testosterone will change your genetic makeup.

hmm....American wonder!!!

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