Monday, April 07, 2008

It's all rainbows!

I have had an interesting week...which is actually good news! It was busy enough that I do not remember half of what happened. I remember running into mister delisioso himself! God took his time making that man I swear!!! After that, I have little memory of the week:=)

So I'll skip to Friday because that's the day I went for a jewelery party (a what????), it was great really. Lots of finger food and alcoholic beverages. I was even given the honor of being the Margarita preparer!!! I was sooooo chuffed with myself that I could mix a drink:-) I really should open a bar! The party planner was our Americasian friend that would like to join our "circle" by filling the other minority slot that we have open. She is pending approval as I evaluate whether I can handle sharing my minority responsibilities or!

Our one pregaz friend looked like she was ready to pop! It was so cute...she was winded in minutes:-) The baby refused to move or kick when we were messing with mama's belly--which looks like a nice little desk now--lol!

I also spent time talking to a total waste of sperm this weekend! I hope the persons parents know that they completely wasted a night of passion when they created that human being!

Oh and can I just say God is AWESOME??? He may work in totally mysterious ways, and frankly I don't agree with most of the decisions God makes-- but with regards to yesterday I can say that we were in agreement!!!

I am also quite ill by the way...picked up some bugs and probably have an upper respiratory disease of some kind. It might be just allergies, or most likely something i picked up from "french fry" and "french kiss" because they were coughing a lot.

Can somebody get me a secretary please? I am overwhelmed with what I need to do. I have so much stuff to remember, half the time I could swear I'm sleep walking.

I went to the dentist this week--no cavities!!! Thank you Colgate!

I also went for my annual Gynaecological exam (most women need to go once a year by the way!), and can I just say I love the new Nurse practitioner that I had to see!!! She was so swift and quick and before I knew it...we were done! Totally cool man! Usually I prefer men to do my check up and all because I find them a little more gentle than women--which is weired, but it's my experience. Getting the exam is uncomfortable as it is, so finding little pleasures like somebody who wont have a probe sitting in your cookie while they look for supplies is really nice! I can recommend my new NP to anyone!
Actually, I can not imagine having a job where I stare at women's poonies all day! What in the world!!!

My passport expires this year...and there is nothing I hate more than renewing it!!! They lost my cousins passport last time, so I am a little weary having to do it here as well, but what choice do I have? Sijui (is that how you spell it Swahili speakers?).

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